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Home based care services can easily mitigate what is surprisingly one of the most dangerous rooms in the house for seniors: the bathroom. Maintaining independence is what senior care almost all about, but independence at the expense of safety is absolutely not worth it. Understanding the damaging presented to seniors from the bathroom and how in home care services can assist you to alleviate these concerns can make a better lifestyle for program family and everyone working in the care of your much-loved senior family member. The bathtub and Shower The tub and shower can present serious risks to seniors, even in large bathing rooms. Slippery surfaces can lead to dangerous falls on brittle bones, and water temperatures that can be difficult to control may result in scalds or burns.

Additionally, many elderly are injured simply by setting yourself up with the tub or shower, which may require an extensive step-up and step-down, confined spaces and little to seize onto. Standing for long stretches of time may be hard or impossible for some seniors, leading to slips and falls. Other mobility or range of motion issues can be seriously exacerbated by these conditions. Finally, there is always car service palm beach airport of drowning during a bath, especially if the person falls asleep or suffers a cardiovascular or neurological event. The Toilet Most notably tub and shower, relaxing on and getting up from the toilet can not only be very difficult for some elderly people, i know it can also cause pain and injury.

The low proximity to the floor is hard on older knees, legs and core muscle and ligament groups and can be responsible for strains, tears and falls that can trigger dangerous fractures. Toilets also often sweat and sometimes they leak, creating a slip and fall hazard that could be disastrous. Dryers, Curling Irons and other Accessories Hair dryers, curling irons, electric and straight razors – there are a variety of things in the toilet that present some danger even for younger, fully healthy people, so when senility and/or mobility issues are present these dangers could be greatly amplified and result in injuries, electrocution or hearth flames. How In Home Care enable In home care services can assist mitigate the perils of what is usually the most dangerous room in the house by taking factors steps: *Education of fellow caregivers and also other family members concerning the potential for injury in the bathroom and other rooms the particular house that are usually considered safe.

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