Cars Tachographs-Felgueiras-Electro Auto to Gandra

At national regulations require involving continuous improvement, tachograph also has gradually become standard heavyduty trucks, heavyduty trucks to gain tachograph it has very important role. sinotruk parts, howo parts, howo truck differing Intelligent good assistant became heavy tachograph card habitual , recording vehicle and so driver operating a number of state information Records use mileage, speed and additional information with GPS module might record the location as well as the travel route of automobile and so on. Along analysis and processing each of our collected vehicle information as well as the driver job information to optimize the vehicle and proper bad driving habits.

sinotruk parts, howo parts, howo truck parts . . alarm function According for the national standard setting, on-going driving not more compared with what four hours, within loads of driving time can’t more than eight hours, otherwise it will be particularly deemed to driver roll. When http://www.trackit.pt/pt/solucoes/tacografo-digital/ driving without a slumber stop, the recorder specifically emits a continuous burglar alarm tone, background regulatory representatives may also contact the driver’s seat to rest. Fatigue wireless house alarms will help the cars to maintain an extremely good driving conditions, thereby trimming back traffic accidents. In addition, depending on the work but also with that tachograph speeding reminders, safeguard alerts, vehicle breakdowns simple guidelines and other functions.

howo camion, howo repuestos, sinotruk repuestos , often the auxiliary judgment Accident Culpability Vehicle traveling data recorders records the cars this state speed, brake private details turning lights, doors, mileage, location, direction, etc., at the time of extracting the stored details logger can assist car accident liability determination, so how the traffic accident liability enthusiasm Science technology. howo camion, howo repuestos, sinotruk repuestos

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